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Exchange Transactions

Data Elements for Intragovernmental Bills

Bill date Calendar date of bill (mm/dd/yyyy format)
Bill No. Document number that references a specific notice of delivery and/on invoice/bill
Intragovermental Order No. Document number that references the buyer’s specific intragovernmental order number
Interagency Agreement No. Number of document that corresponds with the interagency agreement associated with order and bill
Customer agency DUNS number for site location placing the order (buyer)
Providing agency DUNS number for site location fulfilling the order (seller)
Line No. Line number from order that indicates the specific item being billed
Unit Cost Cost of individual unit delivered for a given line
Line Amount Quantity delivered times the unit cost (expressed in dollars and cents)
Total Amount Total dollar amount of all line amounts on the bill
Partial/Final Indicator Enter “F” if bill represents final bill against the intragovernmental order. For interim bills, enter “P”
Settlement Date Last date to make fund transfer before penalty charges can be applied
Delivery point of contact Name of Individual to contact for questions about delivery
Delivery phone Phone number of delivery point of contact
E-mail E-mail address of delivery point of contact
Program activity Code/indicator for major program/mission activity associated with the revenue/sale
Period of Performance Beginning and ending period for which revenue was earned (mm/yyyy/mm/yyyy format). Ending period can be same as the beginning period
Revenue Fiscal Period Number of fiscal month in which the revenue transaction was recorded in the general ledger
Bill Fiscal Period Number of fiscal month in the accounts receivable was recorded in the general ledger
Appropriation Appropriation that will receive the transfer of funds. Full symbol must be entered.
Funding organization Code/indicator for organizational entity that will receive the funds (usually at operating plan level)
Revenue/Profit Center Code/indicator for the organizational entity or project that earned the revenue. May be the same as the funding organization
Revenue Code Revenue category that describes the type of goods or services sold
Inventory/Asset Indicator Enter “I” if goods sold from inventory; enter “A” if property asset sold; enter”9” if neither
Standard General Ledger Proprietary and budgetary accounts in which the financial impact of the event are recorded


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