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Agency:    Department of the Interior
Bureau:    United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Account:    Resource management (14-1611)
Certifying Official:    Budget Officer
Contact Information:    http://WWW.DOI.GOV   202-208-6416
Vehicle Replacement Additional Funding

1 recipient will receive $444,000. This is a first-time earmark.
Year Enacted: 2005
Description: Funding for vehicle replacement
Beneficiary/Recipient Amount ($K) Program Type Address
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (151157950) $444 Migratory Bird Management and Law Enforcement Federal
4501 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA
  Comment: Vehicles would be replaced in several locations.
Source: Appropriations Report Language - Conference
Reference: H.R. 108-792, H.R. 108-542
Method: User entered excerpt
Citation Excerpt: Conference Report Language: "Law Enforcement Operations.--In law enforcement operations, increases include $450,000 for the Memphis, TN port of entry and $315,000 for space costs at the Atlanta, Louisville and Memphis ports of entry. There are also decreases of $450,000, which negates the general increase proposed by the House, and $450,000 for vehicle replacement. " The above changes are based off the House Report Language which states,"In law enforcement operations, increases include $250,000 for operations at the Atlanta, GA port of entry, $450,000 for operations at the Louisville, KY port of entry, $450,000 for a general increase in law enforcement operations, and $900,000 to restore partially the law enforcement vehicle replacement program."

Citation Comment: Amount was reduced by Congressional across the board rescissions.

Last Modified: 16-Apr-2007

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