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Agency:    Department of Justice
Bureau:    Office of Justice Programs
Account:    State and local law enforcement assistance (15-0404)
Certifying Official:    Deputy Director, OBMS
Contact Information:    http://WWW.USDOJ.GOV   202-514-2007
To improve the functioning of the criminal justice system and enforce state and local laws - Clarke County, VA.

1 recipient will receive $99,000. This is a first-time earmark.
Year Enacted: 2005
Code: 36
Description: The Clarke County, Virginia Sheriff's Office is currently not staffed at a level that would allow a further commitment to the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The Clarke County Sheriff's Office has assigned one deputy sheriff full time to the SRO Program. By policy, our SRO answers all criminal complaints that relate to public school matters, ranging from traffic control issues with school buses to criminal violations by students. This system has allowed the Clarke County Sheriff's Office to be more effective in dealing with the addressed issues. The successes of the current SRO Program are measured by an increase in the number of arrests of persons by the SRO in Clarke County, as well as positive feedback from school and law enforcement staff. With a current staffing of one deputy, the SRO program has been extremely limited in his ability to provide service to more that one school. Like any jurisdiction, Clarke County has illegal drug abuse issues with their youth. Clarke County Public Schools have taken a very proactive approach to this problem, and encourage unannounced searches of school property in an attempt to discover any illegal drugs. The safety of students is a primary concern of everyone associated with the Clarke County School System. Also, Virginia currently mandates several reports be prepared by law enforcement officials and submitted to the school system superintendent. By Clarke County Sheriff's Policy, the job of maintaining and reporting these offenses fall to the SRO. Clarke County will use the 2005 Congressional funds to meet the following goals: hire a School Resource Officer; establish a visible presence in more than one school building; decrease the possibility of illegal drugs finding their way on to school property; increase school safety, so students and staff do not feel threatened; document and reduce the number of criminal offenses committed by students during the school year; and, review all disaster plans, and coordinate the various Clarke County agencies plans.
Beneficiary/Recipient Amount ($K) Program Type Address
Clarke County (70351523) $99 Locality
102 North Church Street
Berryville, VA
Source: Appropriations Report Language - Conference
Reference: Pub. L. No. 108-447
Method: User entered excerpt
Citation Excerpt: $100,000 for Clarke County, VA, for a school resource officer program;

Last Modified: 16-Apr-2007

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