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Agency:    Department of Defense--Military
Bureau:    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Account:    Research, development, test, and evaluation, Navy (17-1319)
Certifying Official:    Deputy Comptroller Program/Budget
Contact Information:    http://WWW.DOD.GOV   703-697-5131
Transportable Laser Induced Plasma Channel (UPC) Demonstration System

1 recipient will receive $12,203,000. This is a continuing earmark.
Year Enacted: 2005
Description: Development of Directed Energy Weapon System Technology to counter terrorist attacks that employ asymmetric methods such as vehicle bombs, small boat attacks, suicide bombers, etc. This includes the development and delivery of a mobile demonstration prototype for directed energy weapons to be used for potential anti-terrorist, U. S. Navy, and Homeland Defense applications. Laser Induced Plasma Channels (LIPC) within the atmosphere provide the ability to guide energy. The LIPC guided direct discharge of electrical energy provides a revolutionary weapon capability that can be employed to, among other applications, disable electronics and vehicles, and disrupt or destroy critical communications infrastructure. The LIPC enhanced directionality of energy will allow an improved efficiency of the transmission of the directed energy to a target, thereby offering reduced source size and power and/or an extended effectiveness range.
Beneficiary/Recipient Amount ($K) Program Type Address
IONATRON $12,203 For-Profit
Tuscon, AZ
Source: Appropriations Report Language - Conference
Reference: 108-622
Location: Line 54, Page 296
Citation Excerpt: Transportable Laser Induced Plasma Channel (UPC) Demonstration System

Last Modified: 16-Apr-2007

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