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List of 2005 Earmarks

In fiscal year 2005, there were 52 earmarks totaling $49,991,000.

Agency:    Department of Agriculture
Bureau:    Natural Resources Conservation Service
Account:    Watershed and flood prevention operations
Certifying Official:    Supervisory Budget Analyst
Certifying Organization:    Office of Budget and Program Analysis

To view information about the earmark, click on the earmark title.

2005 Earmarks Amount ($K)
A&T Longbranch$103
Bayou Bourbeux Watershed Project$2,410
Bear Creek$348
Big Creek & Hurricane Creek$1,410
Big Slough Watersheds$140
Coal Creek$1,150
DuPage County, Kress Creek Water Quality Inhancement Project$1,360
East Fork of Grand River$420
East Fork of the Grand River$690
East Locust Creek$1,100
East Yellow Creek$450
Elm Creek (Centex)W/S Site # 5A (#2087)$430
Four Pilot Projects in North FL (Dairy and Poultry Cleanup)$344
Hickory Creek$160
Indian Creek Watershed$1,630
Kuhn Bayou Project$2,460
Lahaina Watershed$1,300
Little Paint$24
Little Red River Watershed$200
Little Sioux Watershed Project$1,445
Lost River Watershed Project$4,223
Lower Hamakua Ditch Watershed$1,600
Matanuska River$150
Mckenize Creek$160
Mill Creek Watershed$192
Mill-Picayune Creek$22
Moniteau Creek$1,200
Neshaminy Creek Creek Watershed$6,000
North Black Vermillion$551
North Sector Upper Walnut$1,027
Oaklimeter Creek Watershed$1,563
Piney Creek Watershed$375
Potomac Headwaters Land Treatment$600
Rockhouse Creek Watershed, Leslie County$1,000
Small Watershed Projects$1,125
Soap Creek$1,250
Square Butte Project$739
Town Creek$438
Troublesome Creek$96
Troublesome Creek$1,250
Turkey Creek$486
Twelve Mile Creek$507
Upcountry Maui Watershed$2,000
Upper Deckers Creek Watershed$1,819
Upper Locust Creek$950
Upper Red Rock Creek Watershed$1,200
Wailuka-Alenaio Watershed$150
West Fork of Big Creek$424
West Fork of Big Creek$900
Willow Cravens Creek$250

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