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Press Releases: Government to Citizen

August 14, 2006

USA Services Launches Citizen Services Survey

Washington D.C. - The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) will launch a survey intended to get a more complete picture of all the ways the federal government uses to serve citizens, as well as which of these methods Americans citizens prefer.

The survey, initiated by GSA’s USA Services, will also suggest ways that agencies can improve their methods of contact. GSA has hired DPRA Incorporated of Rosslyn, VA to design and conduct the survey.

"This survey will allow us to see which agencies are doing the best job meeting citizens’ needs for information and services. It will also provide USA Services with more detailed information on how we can do a better job of reaching Americans where they live and work.," said Martha Dorris, Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Citizen Services at the GSA.

GSA associates at USA Services, a Presidential E-Gov initiative, worked closely with DPRA to design the survey and will be helping with the distribution. The survey will incorporate the results of a 2004 assessment, enabling agencies to gauge the impact of changes made during the past two years.

"I encourage all agencies and bureaus to participate in this government-wide assessment. The more information collected, the more useful the results in helping to make government ever more responsive to the taxpayer," Dorris said.

This assessment is part of USA Services’ mandate to provide government-wide leadership to simplify citizen access to federal information and services. The survey is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, and will be distributed to more than 300 government entities that serve citizens. USA Services answers citizen inquiries online via, via email, phone at 1-800 FED INFO, and print publications from Pueblo, Colorado.

USA Services’ website can be found at

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