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Press Releases: Government to Citizen

January 30, 2004

GSA’s Federal Citizen Information Center Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction

Washington D.C. - The U.S. General Services Administration’s Federal Citizen Information Center holds one of the top scores in the country in the area of customer satisfaction, according to a recent national survey.

Sponsored by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the 2003 American Customer Satisfaction Index measures how well the federal government serves the public. ACSI published its rankings for 2003 in December.

For 2003, FCIC scored 79 out of 100 points. This score is more than eight points higher than the government wide average of 70.9 and 6 points higher than current private sector scores.

”President Bush, through his E-Gov initiative program, challenged the government to create a more efficient, citizen-centered, federal government," said GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry. ”GSA’s FCIC’s participation in the ACSI reflects its commitment to offering services that make the government more accessible to citizens.“

FCIC is part of the GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Communications.

Citizens gave high marks to FCIC for the accessibility and usefulness of the free Consumer Information Catalog, which features more than 200 free and low-cost publications. Users also reacted positively to the organization and usability of the catalog’s Web site,

The ACSI found that citizens were pleased with the timeliness and ease of ordering publications by telephone, online or by mail from the well-known Pueblo, Colorado, address. A high percentage of customers said they were likely to order publications again, and that they would say positive things about the service to others.

Citizens also ranked as one of the top federal Web sites. FCIC manages, a consumer publication program based in Pueblo, Colorado, and a national contact center (1-800-FED-INFO) as part of USA Services, one of the President’s E-Government initiatives designed to give citizens an official front door to the federal government.

GSA is a centralized federal procurement and property management agency created by Congress to improve government efficiency and help federal agencies better serve the public. It acquires, on behalf of federal agencies, office space, equipment, telecommunications, information technology, supplies and services. GSA, comprised of 13,000 associates, provides services and solutions for the office operations of over 1 million federal workers located in more than 8,000 government-owned and leased buildings in 2,000 U.S. communities.

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