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The IAE business structure provides a secure business environment that facilitates and supports cost-effective acquisition of goods and services in support of agency mission performance.

Metric Name Measure Measure Period FY08 Target Description/Context
% of agencies adopting IAE services 100% As of 3/08 100% 24 out of 24 CFO Act Agencies have Integrated Acquisition Environment services as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). There are 24 CFO Act Agencies.
# of vendors registered in Central Contractor Registration 451,393 As of 2/08 Not Available A registration is defined as having a unique DUNS number that has been validated within the past 12 months by the registrant.
Procurement officers customer satisfaction 82% As of 2/08 Not Available Customer satisfaction as reported by Agency Senior Procurement Executives (SPE). Customer satisfaction process determined by initiative.
Contract and transaction savings $278,754,346 As of 9/07 Not Available Savings are attributed to IAE tools and services estimated reduction in hours of work per award transaction, which is based upon the processes, personnel, roles, steps, and actions involved since inception of the initiative.

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