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E-Training is working to enhance the ability of the Federal government to attract, retain, manage, and continuously educate the highly skilled professionals needed for a flexible and high-performing government workforce.

There are currently 1.8 million Federal employees.

Metric Name Measure Measure Period FY08 Target Description/Context
% of Scorecard agencies using 1 of the 5 certified E-Training providers 81% As of 9/07 100% 21 out of a total of 26 Scorecard agencies have implemented E-Training.
% of Executive Branch organizations using one of the 4 certified E-Training providers 80% As of 9/07 93% 264 out of a total of 332 executive branch organizations have implemented E-Training. Executive branch organizations include all executive departments, medium and large agencies, and large subcomponents of the executive agencies, as listed in Fedscope.
% of employees registered with E-Training service providers 62% As of 9/07 93% 1,156,387 out of a total of 1,845,637 employees (1.1 million includes Federal employees and contractors) are registered with E-Training service providers.
% of technology-based training completed through E-Training Available Q3 FY08 Available Q3 FY08 Available Q3 FY08
Customer satisfaction with the GoLearn provider 95% As of 9/07 95% Customer satisfaction currently reflects 1 out of 4 vendors, which covers 85% of the E-Training community.
Cost per course Not Available Not Available Available Q3 FY08

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