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List of Agencies and their Certification Status -- 2005 Appropriations

From here, you can find information on earmarks in the appropriations bills for fiscal year 2005. In January, the President proposed earmark reforms, including cutting the number and amount by at least half [view excerpt from State of the Union]. When the data is complete, the aggregate totals will be the baseline from which the Administration will measure Congress' success in cutting earmarks in half.

This database is not designed, and cannot accurately be used, to identify the individual sponsors of congressional earmarks.

In fiscal year 2005, there were 12,034 earmarks totaling $14,262,807,000 for appropriations accounts that are certified. These totals do not include information on earmarks within accounts that are noted as "incomplete." The totals will change as agencies certify additional accounts.

Click on the agency name to view the bureaus and their accounts.

*NOTE: In the status column, a status of "certified" indicates that the agency head or his or her designee has certified that the data the agency has submitted is the fullest possible disclosure of earmarks according to guidance.

Agency # of 2005 Earmarks Amount ($K) Status*
Department of Agriculture 977$809,811Certified
Department of Commerce 211$489,176Certified
Department of Defense--Military 1,164$4,687,861Incomplete
Department of Education 1,184$422,561Certified
Department of Energy 347$620,156Certified
Department of Health and Human Services 1,541$714,230Certified
Department of Homeland Security 7$27,900Certified
Department of Housing and Urban Development 1,100$385,689Certified
Department of the Interior 413$337,954Certified
Department of Justice 911$572,732Certified
Department of Labor 221$120,367Certified
Department of State 36$64,058Certified
Department of Transportation 1,944$3,255,796Certified
Department of Veterans Affairs 1$20,000Certified
Corps of Engineers-Civil Works 591$628,865Certified
Environmental Protection Agency 838$464,484Certified
General Services Administration 22$74,660Certified
International Assistance Programs 41$99,101Certified
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 155$299,010Certified
Small Business Administration 91$39,468Certified
Appalachian Regional Commission 1$1,000Certified
Denali Commission 7$24,846Certified
District of Columbia 80$54,559Not Applicable
Election Assistance Commission 2$400Certified
Federal Drug Control Programs 1$992Certified
National Archives and Records Administration 5$7,250Certified
Institute of Museum and Library Services 143$39,881Certified

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