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Federal Credit Support Page


Last updated: September 22, 2006

  • This page is provided for Federal agencies with responsibility for direct loan programs or loan guarantee programs.
  • To be notified of updates, fax your name, email address, and phone number to (202) 395-7230, attn: "credit updates" or e-mail, subject line “credit updates".
  • Please fax your comments or suggestions to (202) 395-7230, attn: "credit web page".
  • These pages are updated periodically. See the chronology of major changes for details.

  • Credit Subsidy Calculator (updated: September 22, 2006)
    The Credit Subsidy Calculator is a tool to calculate the cost of direct loan and loan guarantee programs. From this page, you may download the software, read or print the working papers and reports by independent firms, or review a list of known defects and work-arounds.

  • Utilities for Budget preparation and execution (updated: September 18, 2006)
    The utilities include downloadable materials for making reestimates under the traditional approach or the balances approach, calculating financing account interest, and preparing submissions for the Federal Credit Supplement, as well as updated interest rates.

  • Training and resource materials (updated: August 18, 2006)
    The training and resource materials include handouts and references from the June 2006 annual credit training, as well as resource documents on constructing credit subsidy cash flows and on methods for credit subsidy estimation.

  • Links to other web pages (updated: August 18, 2006)
    The links will take you to web pages with materials such as the Federal Credit Reform Act, OMB Circulars, and Budget publications, including the Federal Credit Supplement, and other credit information.

  • Similar maturity rates (updated: September 18, 2006)
    Annual average interest rates in the five "similar maturity" intervals are shown for 1992 through 2005.

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