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Last updated: July 3, 2001

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Training Materials -- June 2001 Annual Credit Training

Introduction to Credit Budgeting (215 kb)

MAX Schedule Preparation (57 kb)

Apportionment Basics

Credit Program Accounting Basics (287 kb)

Auditing and Credit (70 kb)

Financing Account Borrowing and Interest

The OMB Credit Subsidy Calculator

Calculating Reestimates (99 kb)

Modifications (268 kb)

Constructing Cash Flows

Resource Materials

Constructing Cash Flows for Use with the OMB Credit Subsidy Calculator: A Tutorial Guide (1,301 kb)

Model Credit Program Methods and Documentation for Estimating Subsidy Rates and the Model Information Store (28 kb; Government-Wide Audited Financial Statements Task Force Credit Reform Issue Paper 96-CR-7

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