Demands of Human Dignity

Rule of Law
"China has joined the World Trade Organization, and as you live up to its obligations, they inevitably will bring changes to China's legal system. A modern China will have a consistent rule of law to govern commerce and secure the rights of its people. The new China your generation is building will need the profound wisdom of your traditions. . . .Your ancient ethic of personal and family responsibility will serve you well."

President George W. Bush
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 2/22/02

The President and Mrs. Bush pose with a group of Chinese children at the Great Wall of China in Badaling about an hour outside of Beijing, Friday, February 22, 2002. The children waved flags and sang for the Bushes. White House photo by Susan Sterner.

The 7 Demands of Human Diginity
Take a look photos of the world's next generation while learning about the demands of human dignity.
Photo of boy in Peru
Rule of law
Photo of boy and girl
Limits on State Power
Photo of girl in ecuador
Respect for Women
Photo of girl in England
Private Property
Photo of Afghan child
Free Speech
Photo of Korean child
Equal Justice
Photo of American child
Religious Tolerance
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"All fathers and mothers, in all societies, want their children to be educated, and live free from poverty and violence." President George W. Bush, 1/29/02