The White House
President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 1, 2008

President Bush Signs Presidential Proclamation in Honor of American Heart Month
Intercontinental Hotel
Kansas City, Missouri

  Presidential Remarks

      American Heart Month, 2008

8:28 A.M. CST

THE PRESIDENT: Joyce, thank you for joining me. Joyce is here to join me as I sign a proclamation declaring February American Heart Month.

Part of the reason she is here is because she understands what Laura understands, and what a lot of Americans are coming to understand, is that heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men, and that through awareness of this disease, people are more likely to be able to recognize symptoms and deal with it.

And so there's what we call the Heart Truth Campaign, the Red Dress Campaign. And Laura is very much involved with that. She's in New York today at a fashion show heralding the Heart Truth Campaign. Joyce is with me because when Laura was here last in Kansas City, she went to St. Luke's Hospital and talked about the importance for people to recognize the symptoms of heart disease. Joyce had such symptoms, went to the hospital and prevented a serious heart disease and heart attack, and sits here with the President. But more importantly, she's very much a part of the Heart Truth Campaign here in Kansas City. And she's helping people understand two things -- one, be able to recognize the symptoms, and secondly, be able to prevent the symptoms from happening in the first place.

People need to have screenings and checkups; people need to live healthy lives, to exercise and no tobacco. In other words, the decisions we make will affect whether or not our hearts remain strong.

And so I want to thank you for being a strong leader in the campaign for awareness. And so it's my honor, Joyce, to join you in -- as you watch me sign this proclamation declaring February American Heart Month.

(The proclamation is signed.)

Thank you for being here. Thank you all.

END 8:30 A.M. CST

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