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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 4, 2007

President Bush's Statement on Dr. J.D. Crouch's Departure as Deputy National Security Advisor

     Fact sheet National Security Council

Dr. J.D. Crouch II came to the White House in January 2005 to serve as my Deputy National Security Advisor. JD has served our country with great distinction during a critical period in our history, as we confront new challenges and pursue a global war on terror. In the past two and half years, his accomplishments have been many. He was at the forefront in devising and implementing the new strategy to help build a peaceful, stable, and secure Iraq. He was instrumental in developing the new national security strategy that charts a course for advancing our interests abroad, enhancing global security and liberty, and protecting the American people. JD is leaving the White House, but Steve Hadley, all his colleagues, and I have benefited greatly from his wise counsel and tireless commitment to public service.

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