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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 31, 2006

Fact Sheet: A Day in Miami: President Bush Highlights Economic Growth and Hurricane Preparedness Efforts

      President Bush Discusses the Economy in Florida
      In Focus: Jobs and Economy

"Miami's a strong and vibrant city. And because your economy is strong and vibrant ... you've helped this State's economy grow, and you've helped the country grow."

– President George W. Bush, 7/31/06

Today, In Miami, President Bush Highlighted America's Economic Growth And Hurricane Preparedness Efforts With Remarks At The Port Of Miami And A Tour Of The National Hurricane Center. The President's visit also included dinner at Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant in Miami Beach and breakfast with business leaders at the Versailles restaurant in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood.  In addition, the President participated in an interview with Radio Mambi and will participate in interviews with WPLG-TV Miami, Telemundo, and FOX News.

America's Economy – And Florida's Economy – Are Strong And Growing Stronger

This Morning, The President Highlighted America's Strong Economy During A Visit To The U.S. Coast Guard Integrated Support Command At The Port Of Miami. The President will also take a tour of the Port of Miami, the largest container port in Florida and the largest cruise port in the world.

Keeping Our Economy Growing Demands Seizing The Opportunities Of The Global Economy

As Long As America Welcomes Trade And Competes With Confidence, We Will Remain The Economic Leader Of The World. More trade leads to more jobs for workers, more income for businesses, more choices for consumers, and more tax revenue for State and local governments.

The Administration Continues To Pursue A Successful Conclusion To The Doha Talks. President Bush has pledged that the United States will eliminate all subsidies, tariffs, and other barriers to free trade, as long as other countries treat us fairly and do the same. Doha is a once-in-a-generation chance to jumpstart global trade and create new opportunities for the entire world, and the benefits are too great to give in to protectionism.

As We Work To Open Markets To American Goods, We Must Ensure That America Remains An Open Society To New Immigrants Who Add To Our Economy And Prosperity. We need comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our borders, enhance worksite enforcement, create a temporary worker program, resolve the status of illegal immigrants already here, and promote assimilation into the American culture, including learning English.

The Federal Government Is Prepared For Hurricane Season

This Morning, The President Visited The National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific from May 15 through November 30. The Center prepares and distributes hurricane watches and warnings for the general public, and also prepares and distributes marine and military advisories for other users.

Federal Disaster Response Capability Has Greatly Advanced Since Last Year's Hurricane Season. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is dramatically increasing the nation’s stockpiles of relief supplies, retooling FEMA for the 21st century, updating disaster plans, supporting State and local partners, and emphasizing individual and community preparedness.

DHS Has Dramatically Increased The Nation's Stockpiles Of Relief Supplies

DHS Has Four Times The Emergency Meals And Ice, And 2.5 Times The Water Available This Year Than Were Available Prior To Hurricane Katrina. These supplies have the capacity to sustain 1 million people for a period of one week.


Pre-Katrina Post-Katrina % Increase Service Capacity
MREs 180 truckloads 770 truckloads +300% 1 truckload serves 10,000 people/day
Water 600 truckloads 1,500 truckloads +150% 1 truckload serves 5,000 people/day
Ice 430 truckloads 2,000+ truckloads +400% 1 truckload serves 5,000 people/day
Disaster Assistance Employees Approximately 4,000 employees Approximately 8,000 employees +100% N/A

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