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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 25, 2005

President's Statement on Supplemental Budget Request


When we decided to protect America from a gathering threat by removing Saddam Hussein from power, I made two fundamental pledges: First, our troops will have whatever they need to protect themselves and complete their mission; and second, the United States will stand with the Iraqi people and against the terrorists trying desperately to block democracy and the advance of human rights.

This supplemental budget request will fulfill these important pledges and again makes clear to terrorists that our resolve is firm and we will complete our mission.

Most of these funds will support American troops on the ground by continuing to provide them with the equipment and other supplies they need. The request also provides for the continued pursuit of al-Qaida and other terrorist elements in Afghanistan and elsewhere, while supporting the great progress Afghanistan has made toward joining the community of free nations. And resources are included to accelerate efforts to train and equip Iraqi and Afghan forces, so they can assume greater responsibility for their own security.

The supplemental also includes funding for other important priorities of American foreign policy, such as helping the Palestinian people build a democratic state, improving the economic and humanitarian situation of the Palestinian people, and bridging differences between Israelis and Palestinians.

I am grateful that Congress, in a strong bipartisan fashion, has consistently voted to support our troops, and I urge it to do so again.

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