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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 4, 2005

Cabinet Secretary Nominations Sent to the Senate


Samuel W. Bodman, of Massachusetts, to be Secretary of Energy, vice Spencer Abraham, resigned.

Alberto R. Gonzales, of Texas, to be Attorney General, vice John Ashcroft, resigned.

Carlos M. Gutierrez, of Michigan, to be Secretary of Commerce, vice Donald Louis Evans, resigned.

Mike Johanns, of Nebraska, to be Secretary of Agriculture, vice Ann Margaret Veneman, resigned.

Michael O. Leavitt, of Utah, to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, vice Tommy G. Thompson, resigned.

Jim Nicholson, of Colorado, to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs, vice Anthony Joseph Principi, resigned.

Condoleezza Rice, of California, to be Secretary of State, vice Colin Luther Powell, resigned.

Margaret Spellings, of Texas, to be Secretary of Education, vice Roderick R. Paige, resigned.

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