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For Immediate Release
August 24, 2004

Global Message

From Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi

The Iraqi government thanks the coalition forces for helping defeat Saddam Hussein's dictatorship and helping to create a free government to take decisions on improving the political, social and economic state of the country.

The hundred members of Iraq's National Council were elected in a fair and transparent way. They represent the popular will of Iraqis and will oversee the government's activities.

These individuals will extend their wise advice to the government, look after economic development, help strengthen security and stability, and prepare for general elections in January. The creation of the National Council lays the groundwork for the Iraqi people to rule their country and for Iraq's independence to be strengthened.

There have been positive steps to strengthen Iraq's government and to prepare for the general election, which will be sponsored and supervised by the elected national council.

The Iraqi government is working faithfully to improve the general situation in the country. In the economic arena, the government is focusing its efforts on getting rid of the vestiges of the past to rebuild the national infrastructure, provide job opportunities for the unemployed, and improve living standards for Government employees and retirees, while minimizing foreign debt.

The Government is drawing up suitable plans to improve the security situation, increase oil production, improve the agricultural sector, continue other reconstruction efforts, and strengthen the private sector.

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