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For Immediate Release
August 5, 2004

Global Message

The following is a Multinational Force Statement on Terrorism, 8/4/04

Terrorists and former regime elements have intensified their campaign of kidnappings and executions aimed at weakening the resolve of the international community from assisting the Iraqi government.

We strongly condemn the kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians. We share the suffering of the families and sacrifices of those governments whose citizens have been kidnapped and so brutally treated. We also reaffirm our solidarity with Iraqi people who have been the main target of fanaticism and terrorist attacks.

As members of the Multinational Force in Iraq operating under UN Security Council Resolution 1546, we are united in our resolve to make no concessions to terrorists nor succumb to terrorist threats. We are committed to making sure that the perpetrators of terrorist acts against our citizens and soldiers are brought to justice.

We understand that conceding to terrorists will only endanger all members of the Multinational Force, as well as other countries contributing to Iraqi reconstruction and humanitarian assistance.

We have joined the Multinational Force in Iraq authorized by UN Security Council Resolution 1546. We are there at the invitation of the Iraqi Government to support the Iraqi people in their efforts to establish a democratic government, to enhance security, to provide humanitarian assistance, and to facilitate economic reconstruction.

Our resolve to achieve these objectives will not be shaken. We remain committed to enabling the Iraqi people to attain their aspirations for a new future.

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