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For Immediate Release
July 20, 2004

Fact Sheet: Steady Job Growth Continues in States Across the Country
State Jobs Data Shows Steady Economic Growth

On July 20, 2004, the government released new jobs figures for states across the country – and the news shows steady gains. June’s employment data indicate that the President’s economic policies are creating jobs and driving steady economic growth, but there is still more work to be done.
The President understands that many Americans are working hard to make ends meet. That is why he continues to push for pro-growth policies that will strengthen our economy, create more jobs, lower health care costs, and raise Americans’ standard of living.

More to Do: Many Americans are working hard to make ends meet. We must continue to push forward on a pro-growth economic agenda that meets the needs of the American people.

Now is Not the Time to Change Policies That are Strengthening Our Economy

President Bush has brought our economy back, and it is growing again and creating new jobs. Now is not the time to change the policies that are strengthening our economic recovery.

The President has acted decisively to bring us back from recession to recovery. He has:

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