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For Immediate Release
June 14, 2004

Global Message

From Secretary Powell, FOX News Sunday, 6/13/04

The Coalition knew that the security situation in Iraq would be difficult, especially as Iraq was regaining sovereignty. We are committed to helping Iraq establish security.

The Coalition knew that remnants of the old regime and terrorists who are taking advantage of the situation would increase their level of activity before Iraq's return to sovereignty to try to show the Iraqi people that the new Iraqi isn't going to work. But it is going to work.

We have succeeded in getting the international community unified behind the new unanimously passed (15-0) UN Security Council resolution. The G-8 Leaders pledged to stand united in their support for the Iraqi people and the new Iraqi Interim Government.

The Coalition has succeeded in identifying Iraqi leaders to take over government ministries. Fifteen of the Iraqi ministries are now fully under the control of their own ministers, even before full sovereignty has been returned.

There will be elections at the end of the year for the transitional assembly.

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