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For Immediate Release
June 11, 2004

Global Message

The G-8 Leaders welcomed the unanimous approval of UN Security Council Resolution 1546, and noted that it is important that the Multinational Force for Iraq succeeds in its mission. The G-8 Leaders pledged to:

Stand united in their support for the Iraqi people and the new Iraqi Interim Government;

Provide support for elections for the Transitional National Assembly by January 2005;

Meet before the next donors conference to identify how each of the G-8 countries can contribute to reconstruction; and

Work together to achieve debt reduction for Iraq in 2004 President Bush led the G-8 in:

Pledging united support for the Iraqi people and the new Iraqi Interim Government, including support for elections, reconstruction, and debt reduction;

Launching a historic Partnership with the Broader Middle East to support democratic, social, and economic reforms;

Taking new action against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including and refraining from new transfers of uranium enrichment and reprocessing technology;

Strengthening Global Counterterrorism Cooperation, with a focus on the security of international travel;

Adopting an Action Plan focused on Applying the Power of Entrepreneurship to the Eradication of Poverty by facilitating global remittances, microfinance, and access to financing for housing and clean water; and

Encouraging increased action to promote global economic growth and directing trade ministers to put the WTO

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