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For Immediate Release
May 21, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush in an interview with Al Zaman newspaper of Iraq, 5-18-04

America will not be frightened by those who are trying to keep Iraq from becoming a free country.

June 30th is an important day in modern Iraqi history, because sovereignty will be passed to an interim government. Iraq will be run by Iraqi citizens, and the United States will help Iraqis realize their dreams.

There will be a new government -- which will replace Ambassador Bremer and the Governing Council. America will establish an embassy and see to it that the reconstruction aid approved by the American people through the Congress is spent properly.

What took place at Abu Ghraib does not reflect the character of the American people.

The Iraqi people and the world will see a thorough investigation so the truth will be known as to how these actions might have taken place. The world will see a process that is very different from that which would have taken place under Saddam Hussein.

The free world is obligated to ensure success in Iraq. Success means enabling Iraq to become a society which is peaceful and free; governs itself; allows its children to attend school; provides good health care and a strong infrastructure; and has an environment in which businesses can flourish.

We have an obligation to work toward that day because a free and peaceful Iraq is in the world's interest.

President Bush is calling upon the Iraqi people to reject violence and to band together to insist that the country move toward a peaceful tomorrow.

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