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For Immediate Release
April 28, 2004

Global Message

From testimony by Ambassador Negroponte, who is President Bush's nominee to become United States Ambassador to Iraq, 4/27/04

The conclusion of the Coalition Provisional Authority on June 30 will mark a vital step toward realizing an independent, democratic and stable Iraq at peace with its neighbors.

The new U.S. ambassador to Iraq will have a fundamentally different role in Iraq than that of Ambassador Bremer.

Whereas the Coalition Provisional Authority is the ultimate political authority in Iraq, the U.S. embassy will have a supportive role.

The mission will be distinctly American in contrast to the multinational character of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

A close relationship will continue with coalition partners, multilateral organizations, and nongovernmental organizations which are all vital to the advancement of our common interests.

The sober reality is that destructive and divisive forces are working to undermine progress in Iraq. Coalition forces and Iraqi and international civilians are targeted by disparate elements opposed to a democratic Iraq.

The challenge is to establish the conditions by which the Iraqi people can pursue their interests through legitimate political channels, rather than through violence and retribution.

A prosperous, stable and democratic Iraq is central to U.S. interests and to the successful campaign against global terror.

All of our efforts over the past year have sought to ensure that the new Iraq will be a constructive presence in the region and that its government be at peace with its neighbors and with its own citizens.

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