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For Immediate Release
April 9, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by NSA Rice in testimony before the 9/11 Commission, 4/8/04

After the September 11th attacks, the United States faced hard choices. We could fight a narrow war against al-Qaida and the Taliban or we could fight a broad war against a global menace. We could seek a narrow victory or we could work for a lasting peace and a better world. President Bush chose the bolder course.

The United States and its allies are disrupting terrorist operations, cutting off their funding, and hunting down terrorists one-by-one. Their world is getting smaller.

The terrorists have lost a home-base and training camps in Afghanistan. The governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia now pursue them with energy and force.

We are working to stop the spread of deadly weapons and prevent them from getting into the hands of terrorists.

We have removed from power two of the world's most brutal regimes -- sources of violence, and fear, and instability in the region.

Today, along with many allies, we are helping the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to build free societies.

We are working with the people of the Middle East to spread the blessings of liberty and democracy as the alternatives to instability, hatred, and terror. This work is hard and dangerous, yet it is worthy of our effort and our sacrifice.

The defeat of terror and the success of freedom in those nations will inspire hope and encourage reform throughout the greater Middle East.

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