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For Immediate Release
March 18, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Vice President Cheney, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, California, 3/17/04

In Iraq, we took an essential step in the war on terror.

When Saddam Hussein repeatedly failed to comply with the international community's demands, President Bush gave him an ultimatum to leave Iraq or be forcibly removed. Saddam Hussein refused and we have since seen the dictator go from palace, to bunker, to spider hole, to jail.

We still have work to do in Iraq, and we will see it through. Our forces are conducting swift, precision raids against the terrorists and regime holdouts.

The thugs and assassins in Iraq are desperately trying to shake our will. They attacked a Baghdad hotel on Wednesday. Their goal is to prevent the rise of a democracy -- but they will fail.

We must support those around the world who are taking risks to advance freedom, justice, and democracy. American policy must be clear, consistent, and unwavering until the danger to our people is removed.

The Iraqi Governing Council recently approved a new fundamental law, which is an essential step toward building a free constitutional democracy in the heart of the Middle East. This is part of a forward strategy of freedom that the United States is pursuing throughout the greater Middle East.

By helping nations to build the institutions of freedom, and turning the energies of men and women away from violence, we not only make that region more peaceful, we add to the security of our own region.

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