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For Immediate Release
March 10, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by NSA Rice, Louisville, KY, 3/8/04

We live in an age of terror, in which ruthless enemies seek to destroy not only our nation but freedom as a way of life.

We also live in an age of opportunity, in which we can increase cooperation among the world's great powers and spread the benefits of democracy and tolerance and freedom throughout the world.

America will defend the peace by opposing and preventing violence by terrorists and outlaw regimes.

We will preserve the peace by fostering an era of good relations among the world's great powers.

We will extend the peace by seeking to extend the benefits of freedom and prosperity across the globe.

The United States and our allies have ended terror regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. All regimes are on notice that supporting terror is not a viable strategy for the long term.

September 11 made clear our enemies' goals and provided painful experience of how far they are willing to go to achieve them.

We must face our worst nightmare: The possibility of sudden, secret attack by chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons and the coming together of the terrorist threat with weapons of mass destruction.

Lasting peace and long-term security are only possible through the advance of prosperity, liberty, and human dignity.

The stakes could not be higher. If the Middle East is to leave behind stagnation, tyranny, and violence for export, then freedom must flourish in every corner of the region.

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