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For Immediate Release
March 1, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by NSA Rice at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley, Calif., 2/26/04

President Bush calls on America to use our unparalleled strength and influence to create a balance of power that favors freedom.

The President's vision is based on three pillars: -We will defend the peace by opposing and preventing violence by terrorists and outlaw regimes. -We will preserve the peace by fostering an era of good relations among the world's great powers. -We will extend the peace by seeking to extend the benefits of freedom and prosperity across the globe.

The President's vision begins from the simple premise that when given a choice, people everywhere prefer freedom to violence and terror.

The 9/11 attacks showed our vulnerability to plots hatched in distant lands -- attacks that come without warning, bringing tragedy to our shores. The attacks made clear that sweeping threats under the rug is not an option.

Since then, more than two-thirds of al-Qaida's known leadership have been captured or killed. The rest are on the run.

We are working with governments around the world to bring al-Qaida's associates to justice.

The United States and our allies have ended terror regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and all regimes are on notice: Supporting terror is not a viable strategy for the long term.

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