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For Immediate Release
November 18, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush with Iraqi women, Oval Office, 11/17/03

"We represent Iraq. And all of us are different ethnic and religious groups, but we are from Iraq. And we are all Iraqis. And Iraq is just one nation. And we are looking forward to see the new, democratic Iraq, and everyone will live in peace." --Raja Habib Khuzai, Iraqi Governing Council member, 11/17/03

The political process is moving forward in Iraq, where the people are capable of governing themselves. We are working with the Governing Council to put the necessary laws in place so that people feel comfortable about the government's evolution.

We will continue to work with the Iraqi people to secure their country.. We fully recognize that Iraq has become a new front on the war on terror, and that there are disgruntled Baathists, Fedayeen, Mujahidin and al Qaeda fighters who want to test the will of the civilized world in Iraq.

We will work with Iraqis to bring criminals to justice. There are many brave and courageous Iraqi soldiers and police officers who are pursuing the terrorists -- for which they are paying a high price.

The Iraqi people want to be free. A free Iraq will set a good example for the rest of the Middle East. This is an historic opportunity to change parts of the world, and Iraq will be the leader of that change.

It is important for American citizens to know that what is taking place in Iraq will be in the long-term security interests for their children and their grandchildren.

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