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For Immediate Release
October 14, 2003

Global Message

From the President's Radio Address, 10/11/03

The goal of our Coalition in Iraq is to help the Iraqi people build a stable, just, and prosperous country that poses no threat to America or the world.

Our strategy to reach this goal is clear:

Coalition forces in Iraq are pursuing terrorists and Saddam Hussein holdouts who desperately oppose freedom for the Iraqi people.

We are working closely with Iraqi leaders as they prepare to draft a constitution, establish institutions of a civil society, and move towards free elections.

We are helping Iraqis rebuild their economy after a long era of corruption and misrule.

Now that Iraq's dictator is gone, we and our Coalition partners are helping Iraqis to lay the foundations of a free economy.

This week, Iraq will introduce its new currency. The new Iraqi dinar notes will bear the images of Iraq's proud heritage - and not the face of a hated dictator.

Entrepreneurship is growing in Iraq. With our help, Iraqis are rebuilding roads, ports and railways necessary for commerce.

We've also helped to establish an independent Iraqi central bank. Working with the Iraqi Governing Council, we are establishing a new system that allows foreign investors to confidently invest capital in Iraq's future. And, we have helped restore Iraq's oil production capacity to nearly two million barrels a day - the benefits of which are flowing directly to the Iraqi people.

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