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For Immediate Release
September 22, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush at Camp David, 9/18/03

President Bush remains solidly committed to the vision of two states [Israel and Palestine] living side-by-side in peace and security.

This will happen only with new Palestinian leadership committed to fighting terror, not compromised by terror.

Prime Minister Abbas was undermined at all turns by the old Palestinian order in particular by Yasser Arafat. The people of the Palestinian territory must understand that if they want peace, they must have leadership who is absolutely committed to fighting off terror.

President Bush believes the vast majority of people want peace.

The road map says there must be security in order for peace to advance and that there must be a collective effort to fight terror.

Hopefully, a leadership of the Palestinian Authority will emerge and commit itself completely to fighting terror.

When this happens, the world will help an economy grow so that the Palestinian people can have a hopeful future. But first, there must be an absolute condemnation and defeat of those forces that will kill innocent people in order to stop a peace process from going forward.

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