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Office of the Press Secretary
August 22, 2003

Fact Sheet: President Bush Highlights Salmon Recovery Successes
President Bush Highlights Salmon Recovery Successes

"This state [Washington] faces a challenge: to save its salmon. For fishing families and businesses, [the salmon] are a vital resource. For Native Americans, they are a cultural cornerstone. For all of us, these fish are a wonder of nature, and they must be restored. "

-- George W. Bush, September 12, 2000

Today's Presidential Action

Today, President Bush visited Ice Harbor Lock and Dam, near Pasco, Washington to highlight the significant steps his Administration has taken to increase salmon populations while providing affordable hydro-electric power to Americans living in the Pacific Northwest. The President also announced the approval of a landmark habitat conservation plan agreement between the Administration and the north-central-Washington Chelan and Douglas public utility districts. This will allow continued operation of three hydroelectric dams while providing for the protection of salmon stocks.

Background on Today's Presidential Action

President Bush is committed to aiding salmon conservation efforts. Through Administrative actions and yearly funding increases, the President led the restoration of endangered salmon runs while leaving Federal dams in place that provide power to local communities.

Improving Salmon Returns:

Supporting Salmon Recovery and Affordable Power:

Supporting Collaborative Local, State, and Tribal Salmon Efforts:

Funding Increases and Results:

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