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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 22, 2003

President's Statement on U.N. Vote Lifting Sanctions on Iraq
Statement by the President

Today's unanimous vote by the United Nations Security Council adopting Resolution 1483 to lift sanctions on Iraq will help the Iraqi people to rebuild their country and work toward a more prosperous and secure future, one in which they will govern themselves, rejoin the world economy, and remain at peace with their neighbors. The nations of the world have demonstrated their unity in their commitment to help the Iraqi people on their path toward a better future.

The Security Council's resolution affirms that the United Nations will have an appropriate vital role in Iraq's reconstruction and transition to a new government. It establishes a strong and important framework for many nations to participate in these activities. I look forward to the Secretary General's appointment of a Special Representative as we work together to help Iraq recover from three decades of brutal dictatorship. I also look forward to the establishment of an Iraqi interim administration that is broad-based and represents all of Iraq's people so that Iraqis can participate as quickly and as fully as possible in the revitalization of their country.

The United States and its coalition partners will remain in Iraq as long as necessary to help put Iraq on the path toward democracy, with a united, representative government that respects human rights and the rule of law. We call on all countries to join in helping the Iraqi people achieve this goal as quickly as possible.

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