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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 25, 2003

USA Freedom Corps Launches "On the Homefront"
"On the Homefront"
USA Freedom Corps

Today, the USA Freedom Corps launched a new resource for people seeking to support our troops, their families, and their communities called "On the Homefront."

While hundreds of thousands of men and women from all over America are serving in the armed forces and away from their homes, those on the homefront can be making a difference too. Many individuals and organizations are looking for ways to support our troops, their families, and our country.

Partnering with the Department of Defense, the USA Freedom Corps is offering resources to Americans who want to express their support for members of the military, and help their families in meaningful ways. Here are some of the ways to support our troops, give time and care to their families, and strengthen our communities.

These resources are available online at

Support Our Troops
There is a long tradition of writing letters and sending care packages to troops stationed away from home. To minimize delays and complications in getting this kind of support to our troops, the Department of Defense recommends the following:

Help for Families
Families of reservists, National Guard men and women and active duty military may need extra help in meeting basic home and family needs during deployment. There are many ways individuals, organizations, and businesses can offer their time and resources to help families of deployed troops. Here are some of the opportunities now available through the USA Freedom Corps' new "On the Homefront" web resource:

Service In Communities
Individuals who want to help strengthen their community and America can do so through volunteer service. Some communities may need particular help to replace valued volunteers who have been deployed.

Local opportunities for volunteer service such as mentoring a child, teaching someone to read, working in a local police department or serving at a local food shelter can be found through the USA Freedom Corps web site at or by calling 1-877-USA-CORPS. President Bush created the USA Freedom Corps office at the White House to foster a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility.

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