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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 7, 2003

Statement by the Press Secretary
U.S. Targeted Sanctions on Zimbabwean Government Officials
Under the Authority of the International Emergency Economic Powers

Act and the National Emergencies Act, the President has issued an Executive Order targeting the assets of Robert Mugabe and 76 Zimbabwean Government officials who have formulated, implemented, or supported policies that have undermined Zimbabwe's democratic institutions.

The order blocks all property and economic assets of the targeted individuals. It also prohibits United States citizens or residents from engaging in any transaction or dealing with the targeted individuals.

The Executive Order complements action taken by the European Union to freeze the assets of these same individuals, and makes clear our agreement that the situation in Zimbabwe endangers the southern African region and threatens to undermine efforts to foster good governance and respect for the rule of law throughout the continent.

This action is aimed not at the people of Zimbabwe but rather at those most responsible for their current plight. The United States is acutely aware of the hardships and frustrations which the Zimbabwean people are enduring. The United States is working diligently with its international partners to try to ensure that adequate food supplies are made available to those in need. In the weeks and months ahead, our Government will continue to seek measures to support the aspirations of Zimbabwe's people for a peaceful and democratic future.

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