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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 1, 2002

Statement by the President

Today, Environmental Protection Administrator Whitman released important new information about the unprecedented health and environmental benefits of the Clear Skies initiative that I proposed in February. For the last several months, EPA has been working to generate new information about how Clear Skies will dramatically improve air quality in every region of the country. Clear Skies will bring Americans much cleaner air, and healthier forests, lakes, and estuaries. Many cities and towns will meet air quality standards for the first time in years. We will virtually eliminate the problem of acid rain, which affects so many lakes and forests in the Northeast. We also will dramatically reduce urban smog and nitrogen and mercury deposition. Clear Skies will reduce air pollution from power plants by 70 percent -- the most significant step America has ever taken to address this problem -- while using a market-based system to keep electricity prices affordable for hardworking Americans. Administrator Whitman and I look forward to working with Congress to strengthen the Clean Air Act through the passage of Clear Skies so we can improve air quality for all Americans.


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