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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
January 4, 2002

Mrs. Bush's Remarks at the Portrait Unveiling at the Texas State Capitol
As Delivered
Texas State Capitol
Austin, Texas

Thank you very much, Governor Perry, Anita.

My husband and I are thrilled to be back with so many friends in our state's capitol - I say "our" capitol because although we live in Washington, D.C., Texas is a part of who we are, and the Lone Star State is always in our hearts.

When I see the white dome of our nation's capitol, I am often reminded of this beautiful pink granite building.and my thoughts turn to the wonderful experiences we had here, where we spent so much time.

We have many happy memories - and I'll share one of them with you: Down in the Capitol Extension where my office was, I hosted receptions to launch exhibits of the works of Texas artists.

Our staff; legislators and their staffs; members of the media and even a few of the people here today would take a break from the routine to come down for cookies and coffee and, of course, to meet the artists.

The office is a small area that was often packed with people and art.and, for one of our receptions, we even managed to squeeze in a Mariachi band. We showed everything from charcoals to bronze sculptures, from antique radios turned into a fish tank to a display of radiant watercolors.

Two of the artists we featured were Scott and Stuart Gentling -- and in fact, their very important collection of prints of Texas birds are still found in the Governor's offices - in the Old Insurance Building elevator lobbies on each floor.

When my husband first moved into the Governor's office, we worked with Ali Turley, Bonnie Campbell and the Preservation Board to set up his office.

Later we worked together to acquire Texas historic art for the Capitol building. I'm grateful to them - and to Jan Bullock, Nelda Laney and Alice Carrington for their help on this special project to collect historic works for the Capitol.

I'm proud to say that we acquired more than 30 paintings and today we're thrilled to be adding another painting to the Capitol collection.this portrait of my husband.

In this wonderful portrait, Scott Gentling shows the President's warmth and resolve. This is the way I have always seen him, and as Americans and the world have come to know him. These qualities of character are rooted in this place and its people.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce my favorite Texan, my husband . President George W. Bush.

# # #

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