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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 4, 2001

President Promotes Economic Security & Worker Assistance
Operation Paycheck Career Center
Orlando, Florida

      Listen to the President's Remarks
      Fact Sheet: Economic Security and Worker Assistance

2:26 P.M. EST

THE  PRESIDENT:   I,  first  of  all,  understand  that the attacks on September the 11th affected a lot of people.  Not only did we lose a lot of life,  not  only  are  Americans worried about future attacks, but a lot of people lost their jobs.

And  I'm  here  at  this  program  to  assure  the American people and yourselves  that  our governments, both federal and state governments, want to  help  you  help yourself.  I've just come from a little discussion with people  who  find themselves in the same position you're in, about how best to use resources to enable them to retrain for jobs that actually exist.

Today,  we  announced  a  grant  for  the state of Florida for over $3 million  to  encourage  programs  in one-stop centers such as this, so that they're available for people who are looking for new skills.  And the other thing  that  makes it important is the federal government can write checks, but it seems like to me it makes sense to empower the local folks to design the programs to meet the needs so that you can train for jobs that actually exist in your neighborhood.

And  that's  why  I'm  so  proud of my little brother for seizing this initiative  to develop a program that will meet your needs and the needs of people  that  are  looking  for  workers.   I  want  you  to  know that I'm optimistic about the future of the country.  There's no question in my mind we  will  win the war on terror.  There's no question that those who -- the evil ones who murdered innocent citizens will be brought to justice.

I believe that we're making -- taking everything we possibly can to -- I  know  we're  doing  everything  we can to prevent further attacks.  It's going  to  be important for the economic vitality of our country to prevent future   attacks.    And  we're  taking  the  steps  necessary  within  our Constitution  to  do  just  that.   If  we get any whiff, or any sniff that somebody  is  going to harm an American again, we're acting -- just the way you would want us to.

And  I  believe  that  we've  got  in place the framework for economic growth:   the good fiscal policy, interest rates are low, energy prices are reasonable.   But  I hope the Congress does pass legislation that will take care  of  displaced workers for the short-term, provide the short-term help necessary  for  you  all  --  extending  unemployment  insurance,  national emergency  grants to help with the health care payments, and then put other stimuluses  in  place to encourage job creation.  The long-term solution is more jobs.  And I believe acting together, we can do that.

There  seems  to be a little bit of a logjam in Washington, D.C. right now.   And  I  know that Senators from both parties, if they could hear the stories  about  --  and I'm sure they do, I'm sure they listen when they go home.   But  they  need to act.  They need to stop fussing and stop talking and get something to my desk that will take care of the workers and provide stimulus to this economy.

I  wish  you  all  the  best.   I'm  an  optimist.  We live in a great country,  a resilient country, a country that will rise to the task.  And I believe  that  the  effects  of  9/11  will  -- when we do our job, will be mitigated  with  job increases for you all.  I really wish you the best.  I hurt,  that coming into the holiday season, that you're not working.  But I admire  your  courage for going out to try to improve yourselves so you can find jobs around here.

God  bless you all.  Thank you for letting me come by to say hello.  I wish you all the best.  (Applause.)

END                              2:31 P.M. EST

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