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The Global War on Terrorism


The First 100 Days


"We are supported by the collective will of the world."

President George W. Bush

The Coalition Information Centers

Washington, U.S.A
London, U.K.
Islamabad, Pakistan

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Table of Contents




Executive Summary


"The attack took place on American soil, but it was an attack on the heart and soul of the civilized world. And the world has come together to fight a new and different war, the first, and we hope the only one, of the 21st century. A war against all those who seek to export terror, and a war against those governments that support or shelter them."

-President George W. Bush, 10/11/01

On September 11, terrorists attacked freedom.

The world has responded with an unprecedented coalition against international terrorism. In the first 100 days of the war, President George W. Bush increased America’s homeland security and built a worldwide coalition that:

President Bush is implementing a comprehensive and visionary foreign policy against international terrorism. The President’s policy puts the world on notice that any nation that harbors or supports terrorism will be regarded as a hostile regime.

Diplomacy. President Bush has built a worldwide coalition against terrorism. More than 80 countries suffered losses on September 11; 136 countries have offered a diverse range of military assistance; 46 multilateral organizations have declared their support; and with U.S. leadership and international support, Afghans are putting aside long-standing ethnic and political differences to form a new and representative government.

Terrorist Finances. The President fired the first shot in the war on terrorism with the stroke of his pen to seize terrorist financial assets and disrupt their fundraising pipelines. The world financial community is moving to starve the terrorists of their financial support. 196 countries support the financial war on terror; 142 countries have acted to freeze terrorist assets; in the U.S. alone, the assets of 153 known terrorists, terrorist organizations, and terrorist financial centers have been frozen; and major terrorist financial networks have been closed down.

The Military Campaign. Operation Enduring Freedom began on October 7, 2001, and enjoys the support of countries from the United Kingdom to Australia to Japan. The Taliban have been forced to surrender major cities. The military has destroyed 11 terrorist training camps and 39 Taliban command and control sites. And al-Qaeda terrorists have been captured, killed or are on the run.

Law Enforcement. The U.S. has led a global dragnet to help bring terrorists to justice and help prevent future terrorist acts, creating the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force to prevent terrorists from entering the U.S.; arresting and indicting known terrorists; increasing the global sharing of law enforcement information; and implementing tough new anti-terrorism laws.

Humanitarian. As Afghanistan’s largest humanitarian donor, the U.S. has increased its aid to the Afghan people by providing $187 million in aid since October alone, including food, shelter, blankets, and medical supplies. The President also launched the America’s Fund for Afghan Children that has already raised more than $1.5 million for the children of Afghanistan. As the harsh Afghan winter approaches, the U.S. commitment to the Afghan people is saving lives.

Homeland Security. President Bush has taken steps to help protect America against further terrorist attacks, providing $20 billion for homeland security; strengthening intelligence efforts; creating the Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Council; implementing tough new airline security measures; and taking steps to protect America’s mail.

Helping the Survivors of September 11. The American people have responded with overwhelming compassion for the families of the victims of September 11, donating at least $1.3 billion to charities.

Respecting Islam. Almost immediately after the attacks the President took steps to protect Muslim-Americans from hate crimes. The President also held a series of events, including hosting the first-ever White House Iftar and an Eid event at the end of Ramadan; the President visited the Islamic Center; and the President created the "Friendship Through Education" initiative to bring American and Muslim children closer together.


The Tragedy of September 11


"Every one of the victims who died on September 11th was the most important person on earth to somebody."

--President George W. Bush, 12/11/01

On September 11 the terrorists committed an act of war against the innocent. The terrorists killed not only to end lives -- they killed to end our way of life. Recently the terrorists said that we should forget the attacks of September 11. The terrorists would like nothing more than to silence the world’s vocal opposition to their frightening vision they hope to export to every corner of the world.

The world will never forget the innocent victims, and the brave heroes who died attempting to save them. The world will never forget the survivors, the devastated families and the grieving friends they left behind:

On December 11, more than 120 countries stood together to remember the three-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

These Nations & Areas Suffered Losses From the September 11 Attacks

Antigua & Barbuda
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

The Gambia
Hong Kong


The Netherlands
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka

St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent & the

Trinidad & Tobago
United Kingdom
United States of



The al-Qaeda Vision for the World


"…we calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy, who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We calculated that the floors that would be hit would be three or four floors. I was the most optimistic of them all...due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. This is all that we had hoped for."

--bin Laden

"This new enemy seeks to destroy our freedom and impose its views. We value life; the terrorists ruthlessly destroy it. We value education; the terrorists do not believe women should be educated or should have health care, or should leave their homes. We value the right to speak our minds; for the terrorists, free expression can be grounds for execution. We respect people of all faiths and welcome the free practice of religion; our enemy wants to dictate how to think and how to worship even to their fellow Muslims."

--President George W. Bush, 11/8/01

Al-Qaeda is a movement defined by hatred. They hate progress, and freedom, and choice, and culture, and music, and laughter, and women, and Christians, and Jews, and all Muslims who reject their distorted doctrines. They love and worship only one thing, and that is power -- power they use without mercy to kill the innocent.

In Afghanistan, we have seen al-Qaeda's vision for the world. The leadership of al-Qaeda had great influence in Afghanistan and was supported by the Taliban regime. Afghanistan's people have been brutalized -- many are starving and many have fled. Women were not allowed to attend school. A person could be jailed for owning a television. Religion could be practiced only as their leaders dictated. A man could be jailed in Afghanistan if his beard was not long enough.

The al-Qaeda terrorists believe it is acceptable to steal food meant for starving, innocent families. The al-Qaeda philosophy says it is acceptable to use innocent people as human shields for their military operations. The al-Qaeda philosophy says it is acceptable to oppress women and doom them to a lifetime of poverty.







"The message to every country is, there will be a campaign against terrorist activity, a worldwide campaign. And there is an outpouring of support for such a campaign. Freedom-loving people understand that terrorism knows no borders, that terrorists will strike in order to bring fear, to try to change the behavior of countries that love liberty. And we will not let them do that."

--President George W. Bush, 9/19/01

Since September 11, President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell have built a worldwide coalition for the war against terrorism. The coalition is stronger than ever and continues to grow.


Terrorist Finances


"We put the world's financial institutions on notice: if you do business with terrorists, if you support them or sponsor them, you will not do business with the United States of America."

--President George W. Bush, 11/7/01

Terrorists need money to carry out their evil deeds. The President’s first strike in the war against terror was not with a gun or a missile – the President’s first strike was with his pen as he took action to freeze terrorist finances and disrupt their pipelines for raising and moving money in the future.

The world's financial institutions have been put on notice -- if you support, sponsor, or do business with terrorists, you will not do business with the United States. Denying terrorists access to funds is a very real success in the war on terrorism. Since September 11, the United States and its allies in the war on terrorism have been winning the war on the financial front:


The Military Campaign


"I said to the Taliban, turn them over, destroy the camps, free people you're unjustly holding. I said, you've got time to do it. But they didn't listen. They didn't respond, and now they're paying a price. They are learning that anyone who strikes America will hear from our military, and they're not going to like what they hear. In choosing their enemy, the evildoers and those who harbor them have chosen their fate."

--President George W. Bush, 10/17/01

Operation Enduring Freedom, the military phase, began October 7, 2001. Since then, coalition forces have liberated the Afghan people from the repressive and violent Taliban regime. As President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have said, this is a different kind of war against a different kind of enemy. The enemy is not a nation -- the enemy is terrorist networks that threaten the way of life of all peaceful people.

The war against terrorism is the first war of the 21st Century -- and it requires a 21st Century military strategy. Secretary Rumsfeld has worked with our coalition allies and the courageous men and women of the U.S. military to craft a cutting-edge military strategy that minimizes civilian casualties, partners with local forces, and brings destruction to the oppressive Taliban who supported the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

The coalition has achieved broad military success while putting fewer than 3,000 U.S. ground troops on the ground in Afghanistan. And Secretary Rumsfeld and the U.S. military have also shown a lightning quick ability to adapt to a distant, harsh and ever-changing battlefield. In some cases, U.S. troops are conquering terrorists by welding together 21st Century technology with 19th Century tactics. Troops have chased terrorists on horseback while using mobile phones and global positioning systems to pinpoint targets for the Air Force. Bombers today use 21st Century targeting technology, and laser-guided and GPS guided smart bombs to destroy specific targets, including centuries-old caves used as terrorist headquarters.

While we’ve achieved a great deal of military success, much dangerous and difficult work remains to be done before the war on terrorism is won. A few key military successes thus far in the war on terrorism include:

The military action in Afghanistan represents a global coalition effort. In addition to the United States, military assets are being deployed from many other nations, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and Turkey.

Law Enforcement


"Terrorists try to operate in the shadows. They try to hide. But we're going to shine the light of justice on them. We list their names, we publicize their pictures, we rob them of their secrecy. Terrorism has a face, and today we expose it for the world to see."

--President George W. Bush, 10/10/01

The U.S. is leading a global dragnet to help bring terrorists to justice and help prevent future terrorist acts.

Prevention and Investigation:

Civil Rights:

Victim Relief:



Humanitarian Relief


"Ultimately, one of the best weapons, one of the truest weapons that we have against terrorism is to show the world the true strength of character and kindness of the American people. Americans are united in this fight against terrorism. We're also united in our concern for the innocent people of Afghanistan."

President George W. Bush, 10/11/01

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan remains dire. Millions face the threat of starvation. 70% of the Afghan people and ½ of all Afghan children are malnourished. Only 13% of the Afghan people have access to clean water.

Years of civil war -- compounded by the rule of the Taliban and the worst drought in 30 years -- have made matters worse. The Taliban were clearly more interested in protecting al-Qaeda than feeding the starving, innocent people of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have not only failed to provide security, food, and shelter for the Afghan people, but they have also disrupted the efforts of international relief agencies to deliver desperately needed food and medical supplies to the Afghan people. Among other things, the Taliban have seized and looted humanitarian supplies for themselves, and have harassed and beaten Afghan and international aid workers.

The typically harsh Afghan winter is arriving and the U.S., with its international partners, is doing everything it can to help bring hope to the innocent Afghans who have suffered under the brutal and oppressive al-Qaeda and Taliban regime:








Respecting Islam


"The Islam that we know is a faith devoted to the worship of one God, as revealed through The Holy Qu’ran. It teaches the value and importance of charity, mercy, and peace."

--President George W. Bush, 11/15/01

The United States is a nation of religious freedom, and the President has acted to ensure that the world’s Muslims -- from Dearborn, Michigan to Kabul, Afghanistan -- know that America appreciates and celebrates the rich traditions of Islam:



Homeland Security


"We face a united, determined enemy. America is going to be prepared."

--President George W. Bush, 10/8/01

President Bush has taken action to help protect America against terrorist attacks. The government is working around the clock to protect Americans. Among many other steps:

The Survivors of September 11

"It is said that adversity introduces us to ourselves. This is true of a nation as well. In this trial, we have been reminded, and the world has seen, that our fellow Americans are generous and kind, resourceful and brave. We see our national character in rescuers working past exhaustion; in long lines of blood donors; in thousands of citizens who have asked to work and serve in any way possible."

--President's Remarks at National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, 9/14/01

Every one of the victims who died on September 11th was the most important person on earth to somebody. The American people have responded to the tragedies of September 11 with an unprecedented outpouring of support for their fellow Americans who lost so much on September 11:

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