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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 14, 2001

President Supportive of New Round of Global Trade Negotiations
Statement by the President

I commend the decision by the world's trading nations, meeting in Qatar, to launch a new round of global trade negotiations.  This bold declaration of hope by the World Trade Organization (WTO) has the potential to expand prosperity and development throughout the world and revitalize the global economy.  It also sends a powerful signal that the world's trading nations support peaceful and open exchange and reject the forces of fear and protectionism.

Today's action advances the United States' agenda to liberalize world trade -- something that will benefit all Americans.  By promoting open trade, we expand export markets and create high-paying jobs for American workers and farmers, while providing more choices and lower prices for goods and services for American families.

Today's decision offers fresh hope for the world's developing nations, with whom the United States worked closely in crafting an agenda for trade negotiations.  It reflects our common understanding that a new trade round can give developing countries greater access to world markets, and lift the lives of millions now living in poverty.  In addition, the WTO meeting affirmed the commitment of all nations to help end the scourge of health pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria by highlighting rules governing access to life-saving medicines.

I also commend the historic decision to welcome into the WTO the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, united in their commitment to expand shared rules and opportunity to all members.

I thank Ambassador Zoellick, Secretary Veneman, and Secretary Evans for their skill in helping WTO members reach this accord, as well as the select corps of U.S. Government negotiators who assisted them.

The WTO leadership, particularly Director-General Moore, did a superb job of laying the groundwork for the ministerial.  I also thank the Government of Qatar, the WTO Ministerial chairman Finance Minister Kamal, and the people of Qatar, for being model hosts and doing so much to achieve this successful outcome.

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