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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 15, 2001

Fact Sheet on Russian-American Media Entrepreneurship Dialogue

President Bush and President Putin agreed to endorse the launch of the Russian-American Media Entrepreneurship Dialogue.  The Dialogue is intended to promote efforts to build a competitive media sector in Russia, able to deliver a full range of media services based on the latest technology and the highest journalistic standards.  By engaging private media industry professionals in bilateral discussions, the United States and Russia seek to explore ways to improve the conditions necessary for media to flourish as a business in Russia.

The Dialogue will seek to:

-    Expand contacts between experts and executives in the United States and Russia to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges facing media enterprise in Russia.

-    Identify specific areas where current laws, regulations, practices and infrastructure constraints impede the growth of media as a business in Russia; and

-    Provide a forum to discuss how policy changes could improve the business environment for media in Russia.

Run by the private sector, the Dialogue is open to interested American and Russian journalists, media experts, companies and business associations.  Participation by representatives of other international media organizations will be welcomed.  Participation is encouraged from a broad cross-section of the media sector, including print, broadcast and the Internet, as well as representatives from small, medium and large organizations.  The Dialogue will seek to engage industry professionals representing a range of regional experience in Russia and the United States.

On the American side, the Newspaper Association of America and the National Association of Broadcasters have offered to steer the Dialogue.  Equivalent professional organizations in Russia are currently being identified.  Internews and Internews Russia will provide logistical support to the Dialogue.

The United States and Russian Governments will review the findings of the Dialogue and have pledged to give serious consideration to any recommendations that emerge.

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