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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 29, 2001

Fact Sheet: Homeland Security Council


Securing Americans from terrorist threats or attacks is a critical national security function.  It requires extensive coordination across a broad spectrum of Federal, State, and local agencies to reduce the potential for terrorist attacks and to mitigate damage should such an attack occur.  The Homeland Security Council (HSC) shall ensure coordination of all homeland security-related activities among executive departments and agencies and promote the effective development and implementation of all homeland security policies.


Director of the Office of Homeland Security Secretary of the Treasury Secretary of Defense Attorney General Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary of Transportation Director of the Office of Management and Budget Director of Central Intelligence Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Chief of Staff to the President Chief of Staff to the Vice President

The National Security Advisor shall be invited to attend all meetings of the HSC/PC.  The following people shall be invited to HSC/PC meetings when issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are discussed: the Secretary of State; the Secretary of the Interior; the Secretary of Agriculture; the Secretary of Commerce; the Secretary of Labor; the Secretary of Energy; the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency; and the Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism.


HSC Policy Coordination Committees (HSC/PCCs) shall manage the development and implementation of homeland security policies by multiple departments and agencies through-out the Federal government, and shall coordinate those policies with State and local government. The HSC/PCCs shall be the main day-to-day fora for interagency coordination of homeland security policy.

Eleven HSC/PCCs are hereby established for the following functional areas, each to be chaired by the designated Senior Director from the Office of Homeland Security:

1.   Detection, Surveillance, and Intelligence

2.   Plans, Training, Exercises, and Evaluation

3.   Law Enforcement and Investigation

4.   Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Consequence Management

5.   Key Asset, Border, Territorial Waters, and Airspace Security

6.   Domestic Transportation Security

7.   Research and Development

8.   Medical and Public Health Preparedness

9.   Domestic Threat Response and Incident Management

10.  Economic Consequences

11.  Public Affairs


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