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State Visit by Mexican President Vicente Fox
September 5 - 6, 2001

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President George W. Bush welcomed Mexican President Vicente Fox today at a ceremony on the South Lawn. The traditional welcoming ceremony included colors, anthems and remarks by both Presidents.

Later, the President participated in a Cabinet-level Binational Commission with President Fox.

Held alternately in Washington and Mexico City, the Cabinet-level Binational Commission (BNC) is the principal mechanism for focusing high-level attention on the full range of issues affecting relations between the United States and Mexico.  The United States hosted the 2000 BNC, and again in 2001 because of the State Visit of President Fox September.

The United States and Mexico enjoy close and cordial bilateral relations that cover an unprecedented range of issues and engage a wide range of participants in government, the private sector and civil society.

President Bush and President Fox have held meetings on four previous occasions:

-    Bilateral on February 16 in Guanajuato;
-    Bilateral on April 21 in Quebec City;
-    Trilateral, with Canadian Prime Minister Chretien, on April 22 in Quebec City; and
-    Bilateral on May 3 at the White House.

The State Visit of President Fox will mark the fifth meeting between the two leaders.

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