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For Immediate Release
Office of Mrs. Bush

Remarks for Mrs. Bush at Camp Bondsteel Education Center Dedication, Kosovo
Camp Bondsteel Education Center Dedication, Kosovo

As delivered.

Thank you, Maj. Jackson. Thank you all for the warm welcome to Camp Bondsteel.

President Bush joins me in saluting you today, for your service to our country.

We deeply appreciate your dedication to the peacekeeping effort.and the pride and honor you bring to our Armed Services.

We have just concluded a trip to some of the most beautiful capitols in the world: London, Rome, with stops in Florence and Pisa.

We met Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Blair. Yesterday we were moved by our meeting with the Holy Father and last night, we were hosted to a lovely dinner, in Rome, by the President and Mrs. Ciampi.

But we are especially honored to wrap up our trip here with you. I am thrilled and, I'll admit, a bit overwhelmed by this dedication in my name.

When I was a schoolteacher in Texas, I never would have dreamed that one- day I'd be standing among the world's finest military personnel, dedicating an education center in Kosovo.

This trip has been educational in several regards. Last Friday I visited Aviano Air Base, where I urged airmen and women who are about to retire to consider going back to school.this time as teachers.

Major Jackson, I don't know if you heard that speech.but I want to congratulate you on your decision to enlist as a teacher back at home.

Today it's a pleasure to help you dedicate this adult education school. where you receive classroom training that will serve you well today and throughout your careers.

Some of you may have heard about a book called "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." It's a humorous and uplifting book about how we can apply the things we learned in kindergarten to adult life.

But I think what better describes today is a quote by the former French leader Georges Clemenceau. He said, "All I know I learned after I was thirty."

We are all life-long learners. We learn for ourselves and for our future.

In the spirit of your motto, I am glad to be your partner in the relentless pursuit of excellence in education.and in service to country.

Thank you again, and may God bless you as you continue your important work here in Kosovo.

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