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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 21, 2001

U.S. Summit Report
G-8 Meeting
Genoa, Italy

"In all these areas -- health, education, hunger, and debt -- America is committed to walking alongside leaders and nations that are traveling the hard, but rewarding, path of political and economic reform: nations that are committed to rooting cronyism and corruption, nations that are committed to building the institutions of freedom and good government. "

- President George W. Bush
July 17, 2001

Attacking global poverty has been the central focus of the Genoa Summit, and is a priority of U.S. foreign policy.

President Bush has committed the United States to working in partnership with developing countries to remove obstacles to development: trade barriers, illiteracy, infectious diseases, unsustainable debt, and hunger. He believes this partnership must be based on a sense of mutual respect -- and mutual responsibility.

Forging a New Partnership with Africa

Helping Developing Countries Benefit from Trade

As a result of these initiatives, the U.S. is the fastest growing market for developing countries, taking in more of their exports than the 15 nations of the EU combined.

Combating HIV/AIDS and Other Infectious Disease

In May, President Bush, accompanied by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Nigerian President Obasanjo, pledged U.S. support for a global fund to fight the AIDS pandemic, laid out principles for it to follow, and announced a founding contribution of $200 million. At the Genoa Summit:

Advancing Literacy and Learning

Ensuring Food Security for a Hungry World

Seizing Digital Opportunities


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