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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 2, 2001

Remarks by the President
In Photo Opportunity With
New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Bret Schundler
the Oval Office

2:35 P.M. EDT

     THE PRESIDENT:  Mr. Mayor, congratulations.  The Vice President and I are so honored you and Lynn came to the Oval Office.  It gives us a chance to, one, congratulate you on winning the primary and congratulate you on being a great reformer in Jersey City.  I don't think people understand, but that's a city with six percent Republicans, and yet, he continues to win overwhelmingly because he's got great ideas.  And we look forward to helping you become the governor of New Jersey.

     I think you and I share something in common:  We're always underestimated.  And a lot of people didn't think I'd be sitting here.  Of course, a lot of people didn't think you would be sitting here, either. And so, I appreciate your record.

     I'm intrigued by the idea of eliminating the toll booth in New Jersey. I think the working people in New Jersey are going to really appreciate that idea, and when you couple that with your strong vision of education reform, I think you've got a good chance of winning.

                                 * * * * *

     THE PRESIDENT:  You're going to win.  (Laughter.)  We're glad to have you.

     Q    How do you feel, Mr. Vice President?

     THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Very good.

     Q    Are you sore?

     THE VICE PRESIDENT:  A little tender, still.  It will pass.

     Q    Are you taking any painkillers or anything?


     Q    Mr. President, did you talk to your brother about --

     THE PRESIDENT:  We were thinking about doing some jumping jacks before you came in, but --

     Q    Go right ahead.  (Laughter.)

     Q    Did you ask your brother about oil and gas leases, Mr. President?

     THE PRESIDENT:  What?

     Q    Have you had a chance to talk to your brother about oil and gas leaks, as they were announced today?

     Q    Are you going to campaign for him?  Make any stops?

     THE PRESIDENT:  What?

     Q    Are you going to campaign in New Jersey for him?

     THE PRESIDENT:  That's what we're going to discuss, how we can help him.  We'd like to help him in any way we can.  We want him to win.

                         END                 2:38 P.M. EDT

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