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James Madison Book Award

America's History

Mrs. Cheney takes questions during her talk with students at the Education Center at James Madison’s Montpelier in Montpelier Station, VA on Thursday, March 11, 2004. Mrs. Cheney shared her passion for learning and teaching America’s history with students from Orange and Gordon-Barbour Elementary Schools.

In September 2002, President Bush announced his We the People initiative to encourage the teaching and appreciation of American history. In the spirit of the President's charge that "to properly understand and love our country, we must know our country's history," Mrs. Cheney established the James Madison Book Award in April 2003.

"I hope that the James Madison Book Award will continue to encourage the very best authors to take up history, and publishers to seek out writers who can make America's story come alive."

The annual award is presented to the book that, in Mrs. Cheney's words, "best represents excellence in bringing knowledge and understanding of American history to the next generation."

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