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For over 20 years, the greatest threat to Iraqis has been Saddam Hussein's regime -- he has killed, tortured, raped and terrorized the Iraqi people and his neighbors for over two decades.

Under Saddam's regime many hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of his actions - the vast majority of them Muslims. According to a 2001 Amnesty International report, "victims of torture in Iraq are subjected to a wide range of forms of torture, including the gouging out of eyes, severe beatings and electric shocks... some victims have died as a result and many have been left with permanent physical and psychological damage."

President Bush met with a group of Iraqi-Americans and free Iraqis April 4 -- many of whom fled torture and persecution in Iraq and now live in the United States. Some of their stories are presented here, on video.

Voices From Iraq Interviews with Iraqis
Life Under
Saddam Hussein

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Mrs. Esra Naama
Escaping from Iraq

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Ms. Zainab Al-Suwaij
A Brutal Regime

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