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Al Furat Manufacturing Facility, Iraq
Al Furat Manufacturing Facility, Iraq

Construction of the building depicted on this graphic was suspended in 1991. Construction resumed in 2001, and the building appears to be operational, although the tall section at the rear of the building has not been completed.

The building was originally intended to house a centrifuge enrichment cascade operation supporting Iraq’s uranium enrichment efforts.

Nassr Engineering Establishment Manufacturing Facility, Iraq

The graphics illustrate the 1998 destruction (during Operation Desert Fox) and subsequent reconstruction of machining buildings assessed to be capable of producing precision components for centrifuges and missiles.

This machine plant produced centrifuge and EMIS components for Iraq’s nuclear weapons program prior to Desert Storm, according to the IAEA.

Nassr Engineering Establishment Manufacturing Facility, Iraq

Fallujah II
Fallujah II

Fallujah II -- located just northwest of Baghdad -- was one of Iraq's principal CW precursor production facilities before the Gulf War. In the past two years, Iraq has upgraded the facility and brought in new chemical reactor vessels and shipping containers with a large amount of production equipment and expanded chlorine output far beyond pre-Gulf war production levels -- capabilities that can be diverted quickly to CW production.

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